YCDS Wellness Initiative: Executive Functioning

This month, Elizabeth Trump, YCDS’ coordinator of Student Mental Health and Wellness, answers a few questions about executive functioning:   Q:  What exactly is executive functioning? Executive functioning defined very simply is the “command center” of the brain.  Managed by the frontal lobe of the brain, executive functioning includes all the skills involved in goal-directed … Continue reading YCDS Wellness Initiative: Executive Functioning


Meet Elizabeth Radimer, Literary Specialist

  Mrs. Radimer joined York Country Day School for our 2018-19 academic year as our Literary Specialist, and primarily works with Lower School students. What do you love best about working here? I love that I have the opportunity to teach students in a way that best suits them. I am able to target student’s … Continue reading Meet Elizabeth Radimer, Literary Specialist

‘Alice in Wonderland’ World Premiere Opens at YCDS

By Paige Hoke, Theater Faculty Almost everyone knows the story of “Alice in Wonderland.” Set in the whimsical world of Wonderland, a place with giant toadstools, talking flowers and lots of color, the imaginative story was first written by Lewis Carroll in 1865. This story really has it all -- a lost heroine, danger, adventure, … Continue reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ World Premiere Opens at YCDS

Lower School Determines Promises for Academic Year

By Kari Miller, Head of the Lower School The beginning of the school year in the Lower School means time spent getting to know one another, sharing hopes and dreams, and discussing expectations. Teachers purposefully plan activities not just the first week of school, and the entire year of school creating classrooms where all students are … Continue reading Lower School Determines Promises for Academic Year

Hopes and Dreams Upcycled Books on Display

By Carol Royer, Lower School Art Faculty Have you heard of “upcycling”? How is it different from recycling, and what makes it so unique? Art can be made out of many things, including discarded materials and objects others would consider trash. When we take an object out of its first context, and create a brand … Continue reading Hopes and Dreams Upcycled Books on Display

After-school offerings enrich curriculum

By Jamie Graham, Director of Summer and After-School Programs and Lower School Faculty Fall After-school Enrichment is in full swing at York Country Day School.  Every academic year, there is a feeling of anticipation in the air while students await the new schedule of after-school enrichment offerings to be released. Our Enrichment Program provides students with … Continue reading After-school offerings enrich curriculum

Mindfulness: Second Mental Health Initiative of the Year

By Elizabeth Trump, Coordinator of Mental Health and Wellness We have completed the first full month of school, past the excitement of spirit week and Homecoming festivities, and are settling into the routine of the school year.  This month, I am introducing the second Mental Health Initiative of Mindfulness.  We began the school year exploring … Continue reading Mindfulness: Second Mental Health Initiative of the Year