One Word

This summer, the administrative team gathered for many full day retreats to prepare for the year. One of the retreat days, the group focused on One Word.  This may not appear what it seems.  Authors Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen co-authored My One Word.  This text serves as a guide in following a process on selecting one word that creates vision for your personal new year.  All too often resolutions are chosen and fall by the wayside.  Using this approach, an individual selects one word that serves as a centering force for the year.  Sound easy?  Not really.  The word selection process was different for everyone in the group.  No two selected the same word and no two went about identifying their word the same way.  Dean of Faculty and science teacher Matthew Trump shares his journey in identifying his word.  What word might you choose and what will your journey be to identify it?  How might your one word change the way you live your next 365 days?

Matt Trumps word selection process video: