A Reflection on the First Week of School

Today marks the completion of our first week of school. There were many favorite moments for students that range from digital arts to robotics, from math to advisory, and from new student lounges to lunch. Our faculty and staff helped ease the transition for students given our new spaces and new schedules. It was a good first week for our community.


New and noteworthy for today:

Chef Diana (standing center with Michelle Odell)  presents “New Food Friday” to students.  Each week, the Chartwells team will introduce a new food to each division, provide background and nutritional information, and have samples for students to test. Today’s food: avocado.

We are eager to learn your favorite end-of-day recap stories that your children share with you. Please pass them along to us in person or in writing by sending them to your child’s teacher, advisor, an administrator or email communications@ycds.org. We look forward to hearing from you.