A Peek Inside the YCDS Kindergarten Classroom

Written by: Ms. Jennifer Lam

The aroma of a bakery fills the air while a mother pushes her baby through the streets. Nearby castles with high walls are built then guarded with freeze rays. The echoing sounds of marbles rolling through a maze of tunnels are joined by cheerful giggles. Welcome to the world of a kindergartner! At YCDS, the students are encouraged to use their creativity through learning and play.

This week, the students learned about shapes and were excited to utilize a new toy in the classroom, Tiggly. The students played games and sang songs to help them remember the characteristics of shapes. The Tigglys provided an interactive iPad game with the use of hands-on materials. Students took turns identifying the mystery shape and used different shaped toys to touch the iPad. Using the Tiggly Safari app, the iPad reacted to the student’s choice and would reveal a mystery animal if the correct shape was chosen. As each student took a turn, the dialogue among the students morphed into discussions about the different shapes and which shapes repeated.

The students’ excitement continued on to the next assignment, creating their own shape-based figures. Using Tiggly Draw, students were assigned the task of constructing their own shape-based figures. The students used their imagination and creativity to create these figures with just shapes and doodles. How great it is to be in Kindergarten!