Biology Students Travel Across the Atlantic to Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique

YCDS teachers are constantly looking for ways to engage their students and to connect them to the world around them. Mrs. Liz Charleston’s transported her ninth grade Biology Class to Mozambique during their unit on ecology and the scientific processes.

Gorongosa National Park, once a popular tourist destination, was ravaged by war. Recently the country has been working to restore the park to its glory. A group of scientists are part of the team working on the park’s renaissance. These scientists, with the help of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, have launched Bio Interactive, a website designed for students to learn about the climate, wildlife and the people in the region.

Mira Hurtt, a student in the class, explains more about the project.

As part of the scientific process, the students are asked to create a research question that they can study through the data provided by the scientists at Gorongosa. Mira explains what she is interested in studying.

To learn more about the project or read more about the park, visit .