A Room with A View

Written by: Mrs. Molly Wertz

Location, location, location. Isn’t that what realtors say? My classroom in our new building is everything I would want in a room: sunny, spacious, smart—but what I have learned that I love the most about my new space is its location. My classroom is in the hub of the happenings, at the corner of the student lounge and student lockers. While some may see this an overcrowded neighborhood, I find it just right.

I start my day with a friendly good morning from the four charming young men sitting in the student lounge outside my room who manage to get to school before me. Little can put me in a better frame of mind than a smile from students in the morning and a, ”How’d you like that Steelers game last night?” As more students make their way to school, the lounge comes alive. Books are opened, stories are shared, games are played, laughter rises, and the community comes alive.

Then it is 8:00. Students swarm the lockers and head to class. There is a brief lull after the morning rush hour but not for long. Soon, the view from my room changes and the student lounge is teeming with academic energy. One group of students is creating an outline of an essay they are reading, another is setting up a camera on a tripod to learn about lighting and camera work, a young man is learning Mandarin from a classmate, and middle schoolers are in the recording studio creating podcasts about the latest book they’ve read.

These young men and women are also at an intersection. They have one foot firmly planted in YCDS and the other reaching out toward their college destination. Behind those stories, and laughs, and jokes are goals, and challenges, and stresses. Our students are driven and expect a great deal from themselves. They are balancing classes, both in our halls, and in the halls of YCP. They are balancing sports, and robotics, and music, and theatre, and friends, and family, and down time, and study time.

I am honored to have the opportunity to support these amazing students as they navigate the social, emotional, and academic landscape of middle and upper school. The world that awaits them after college will look quite different from our world today, and they are keenly aware of this. They are preparing themselves for what lies ahead. In the meantime, I will leave my door open, my light on, and relish in the view from my room.