The Power of a Conference

Written by: Mrs. Molly Wertz

It is that time again: that time when parents are asked to take a break from their busy workday to meet with their child’s advisor, that time when some may need to find childcare for the day, that time when students get to sleep in and have a day away from school. So why are parent conferences so important? After all, parents are able to look up a child’s grades, they see comments written by teachers, they hear stories from their child, and they receive emails from the advisor. So what is the need for a conference?

Our students are known and valued…” This essential line from the YCDS Mission Statement is paramount in our relationships with students. Conference day is so much more than an academic check-in. It is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with your child’s advisor. When parents are actively involved in their child’s education, everyone benefits. While talk of academic triumphs and struggles are the focal points of a conference, there is so much more. At YCDS we value the insight parents bring to understanding the child; it allows teachers to better know and value each child. What is the child saying at home? How long is homework taking? How is the stress level? What are they most proud of? What are the parents’ goals for the child? A conference is a give and take and without the parents, faculty are only able to get a partial picture of our students.

Conferences are meaningful because we are a team. Working together as faculty, parents, and student, we are able to strategize a plan for success for your child. Often, students will join the conference. It is, after all, their education and they should have an active role in participating in the discussion. When students see that both parents and faculty are on their team, they become more personally invested in their education.

“…which allows them to engage as compassionate, bold, and active citizens…” It is through this active relationship building that we, as a collective, are best able to facilitate this engagement. We are proud of our YCDS students and of our partnership with parents. We look forward to seeing you at conferences on November 11.