YCDS Government Class Hosts Mock Election

This year, in addition to the town hall forum, which was held a few weeks ago, the Government and Politics class will hold a mock school election. The class has been divided into Campaigns for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They will each present their viewpoints on relevant national issues during an assembly on Monday, November 7. The following day, Election Day, all Middle and Upper School students, faculty, and fifth graders will cast their ballots. The results will then be counted and statistically analyzed in order to compare them to the national election and the results in Pennsylvania.

Students in the class have written the following summaries.

Democratic Committee Presentation

By: Jon Goodstein

Our campaign believes that in order to continue to improve this great nation, we must promote a system of equality and safety at home while continuing to ensure security and peace abroad. In order to do this, we must ensure that the wealthiest members of society, along with large corporations, are paying a fair amount of taxes, while reducing taxes for the middle and lower classes, who are struggling under the undeserved burden of providing the country with much of its revenue. This will help reduce our national deficit and begin to restore a more balanced monetary structure, as opposed to the extreme wealth distribution we see today. We will also work to begin reconciliation between law enforcement and groups of minorities who have been negatively affected by the actions of a few. We know that the vast majority of the people on both sides of this conflict are good people who strive to see the best in our society, and we would like to help them achieve that goal. In addition to these steps, we will help ensure security both in our country and outside of it.

The United States is still a very safe place to live, but there are steps we can take in order to make it the best possible environment for our citizens. We would not like to abolish the Second Amendment, but we plan to conduct nationwide background checks in order to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands. In addition, we believe automatic weapons are unnecessary for self-defense or hunting, and there is no need for citizens to own them. While skeptics may argue with this point, countries that banned similar weapons saw major decreases in their murder rates immediately after this action. In order to further domestic security, we also plan to take major steps to boost our cyber-security arsenal. This will prevent attacks in the present and prepare us for the future. Furthermore, we plan to reform immigration while continuing to provide an opportunity for innocent, hard-working people to succeed, just as we have at every other point in our history, and we will continue to collaborate with other countries to quickly and effectively defeat ISIS.

Our campaign plans to work for you, the citizens, in order to continue to improve your lives by promoting a system of equality and security. We will do this by reforming the tax code to create a more fair and equitable system, investing in our citizens and their jobs, reducing unnecessary violence, increasing cyber-security, and working across party lines to reform immigration. While we cannot outline our entire campaign here, we believe these are our strongest and most appealing aspects.

Republican Committee Presentation

By Tom Wymard

Traditionally, the Republican Party stands for small government in both business and personal affairs; this remains the core tenant of the GOP today.  A free market economy and the importance of capitalism are the pillars of the Party of Lincoln, while much has changed since the mid-1800’s, these have not.  By imposing restrictions on business, one limits the ability of the American people to truly better themselves.  If a business turns a profit, this money will work down from the owner to the workers, creating a better society for all.  The beauty of America’s history lies in capitalism, as no other people in the world have a community so conducive for people born into poverty to die wealthy.  This is small government in action, allowing citizens to make their own way and not to be hooked to the destiny of others.  If people work hard enough, America ensures that they can make their life, and the lives of their children, better.