Parent Conferences from the Lower School Perspective

By Mrs. Kim Vottero

Research has shown that parental involvement is the most important factor in a student’s success in school. The modernization and integration of parent teacher conferences may be new for some educational facilities, but it has always been a way of life at YCDS.

The purpose of a parent-teacher conference is to communicate the student’s progress in school, define their strengths and areas of growth, and to collaborate on personalized educational goals that will not only motivate, but also challenge their child. At York Country Day School, this type of information is integrated into the culture of our school. Parents and teachers communicate freely and frequently, which eliminates the ‘fear of the unknown’ that lingers behind the closed door of parent-teacher conferences.

Every student in the Lower School hand selects his or her portfolio entries. This student-lead process inspires students to perform better, take responsibility of their own learning, reflect on what they have learned, and to set goals for themselves. Your student’s portfolio is such an insightful tool. As you fill out the portfolio reflection sheet, write down the topics you would like to address during conferences. Identify something you were excited to see, something you would like to see more of, and a goal that you have for your student. But don’t worry, if you forget to ask something at conferences, you can ask your question at any time. That is the beauty of YCDS– communication is the driving force of our partnership and culture.

You can read more about parent conferences from NAIS here.