Speaking to your student about the election

Today is Election Day and many students across the divisions are aware of the tenuous climate surrounding this election.  Looking back through this country’s history, it is clear that this is not the only volatile or controversial election for our country’s citizens or candidates.  Yet, given the ease of accessibility, the frequent commercials, the dialogue on social media, the newspaper headlines, and the frequent conversations, it seems unlikely that even our youngest students have not noticed.  In a recent article written by Christine French Cully, Editor-in-Chief of Highlights Magazine for Children, Cully cites clinical child psychologist, Dr. Sasha Ribic, “By nature,” she said, “kids are good observers, but bad interpreters.” While kids will astutely observe safety is an issue—and many bad things are happening—they aren’t good at interpreting what it means for them. Because they may worry disproportionately, she advises parents to use conversations to put safety into perspective for them.”  Please take some quiet time this evening and listen to your child’s thoughts and feelings about the election.  The most important takeaway from a variety of resources is to help frame the election in positive manner.Below are a few resources for your review:

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