Student Entrepreneurs Host a YCDS Flower Sale

Written by Jessica Babcock
Do you need a thoughtful gift for someone special in your life?
My classmates and I are currently enrolled in an entrepreneurship class at York College and one of our assignments is to start our own business. The project is meant to help us understand the life of an entrepreneur. It allows us to learn not only inside the classroom but outside of the classroom as well. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and this small business creates an opportunity for us to explore a career option and what it takes to run a business. We came up with many business ideas, but ultimately we decided to sell single roses and bouquets through our business, Roses & More Company, because we wanted to bring the experience of giving an exuberant gift to those in the York Country Day School community. Gifting roses demonstrates the core values of appreciation and respect for one another that we learn as students at YCDS. It is also a way to send the message to the community that it does not take a special occasion to show someone how much you appreciate them.
Giving flowers is a perfect way to make someone feel appreciated without spending a lot of time in the store. The roses we are selling have everything you’re looking for when buying flowers. They will be nicely wrapped with tissue paper and a ribbon, and they will include a card with your own message. We know this is a very busy time of year for most people with schoolwork, outside activities and other things keeping you busy, but wouldn’t it feel nice to feel appreciated and loved? Give something nice to someone you love or spice up your home with colorful flowers!
Pre-order forms should be returned to the front desk by Friday, November 17, 2016.