The Design Process in Digital Arts

By Mrs. Stacey Filippone

This year’s holiday concert design was created by Jacob Azriel.

The students in the Digital Arts class at YCDS designed this year’s holiday concert program cover and advertising poster. In creating these materials the design process is very important because there are many steps that lead to the final product. Teaching students the design process is just as important as teaching technical skills, both of which are needed to complete a successful finished product.

Outlined below is the process that our students used to create this year’s program and flyer:

Information Gathering
The first step was to gather information about the needs for the project. Our “client” Mrs. Donovan, Instrumental Music Director at YCDS, was the one spearheading the project. Our client came into the classroom and had a brainstorming session with the students. She discussed the type of content, feel for the materials and what the copy of the poster and program would say.

Once it was established what type of information was needed, the second step was for the students to get inspiration by researching various program cover and poster designs. Inspiration is important not only in the design process but also for students’ learning. It allows them to see different design solutions that they can take in and make their own.

The third step was to take their ideas and create a visual solution for the project. This is where the students applied the elements and principles of design that they have learned in class to their work. In this step they created their layouts for the program cover and poster.

Upon completion of the piece the fourth step was revision. It was essential for the students to get feedback on their work. In this phase we also made sure all the copy was grammatically correct and the correct colors and images were used.

The final step was the delivery of the student’s designs it to our client, Mrs. Donovan. All of the students’ pieces (pictured below) were well done, choosing just one was a difficult task. Ultimately,  Jacob Azriel’s work was selected because it really captured the theme of the holiday concert.