The Veritas Coming This Spring!

By Ella White ’18, Founder of The Veritas

The Veritas is York Country Day School’s student-run literary magazine, dedicated to showcasing student writing and art. People take from what they know–what they can dream–to make art and in this way, they are taking from the truth and making something new.

“Veritas” is York Country Day School’s motto, the Latin word for truth. There was varying debate in the Veritas team about the name. At first, we thought to make our name something STEAM-oriented. Then, it was greyhound-this, or maybe greyhound-that. Several anagrams were made from the word “arts.” When we finally narrowed it down to something veritas-related, there was a series of long debates about the differences between the Veritas, the Veritas Magazine, Veritas, and Veritas Magazine.

We decided, ultimately, that we were The Veritas. We wanted to share the truth. There are many parts of the truth, and many personal truths, but there is only one overbearing, ambiguous truth, and it speaks in all art. We hope that the Veritas will convey an experience for our readers. We hope that art of every kind can help our audience to see their truths and the truths of others.

A literary magazine offers a space for students to showcase their work, and everything that our school has helped them accomplish. Our students make art every day, whether it is in classes or scribbles in their secret diaries, but the art never makes it far beyond those spaces. Once in awhile, students share their work with their parents, and their work makes it to the fridges. Or they submit it to few and far between competitions, and once in awhile a student gets a small ounce of recognition.

Perhaps there aren’t so many students writing bad poems in their secret diaries. I hope to be a writer, and I myself often forget to write. But when there’s a deadline, or something to strive for, I sit and I write.

As we grow beyond the classrooms and walls of Country Day, we take what we’ve learned here and begin to find a space for ourselves in the broader world.  The Veritas gives us a launching pad and a collective voice. Something that we are making with our own hands for ourselves that we can send out into the world. And that is the truth.

The Veritas will be distributed to Middle and Upper School students in April 2017.