Tenth Graders Bonded Over Escape Games Live and Bowling

By: Ms. Paige Hoke

On Friday, the 10th grade class had the opportunity to work on team and relationship building outside of the classroom setting. With several new students, it was a great opportunity for the 10th grade to come together and form stronger bonds.  


We started the day at “Escape Games Live,” where students had to work in small groups to solve puzzles and clues in order to “escape” a room (in case you’re wondering, they weren’t really locked in). The four rooms were themed as 1970s, a 1950s detective precinct, Sherlock Holmes’ office, and a Western-style showdown. While Mr. Trump and I did not participate in the activities, we were able to hear the students working inside their rooms. It was wonderful to hear them working together to solve problems, as well as laughing and having fun. As we were walking to the bus afterward, they enthusiastically discussed events that happened in the rooms, compared experiences, realized clues they missed, and shared their successes.


After two rounds of escaping, we traveled to Laser Alleys, where they bowled and participated in laser tag. The 10th grade class has some really talented bowlers! Strikes were cheered and high-fived, and gutter balls commiserated by all.


The day provided many opportunities for classmates to work together, play together, and socialize outside of the often busy school setting.  As a new 10th grade advisor, I enjoyed getting to know the entire class outside of the academic setting.