Lower School’s Show What You Know Expo

By Mrs. Chris Ausherman, Lower School Teacher

If it’s May at YCDS, it must be Show What You Know Expo time for the Lower School students!

For the last 18 years, the students in Lower School have had the opportunity to share their science knowledge with parents and friends. The FOSS science curriculum used in our Lower School science classes is largely experiential. It focuses on creating and testing a hypothesis rather than only reading concepts. When the Show What You Know Expo began, the Lower School faculty wanted to give students the opportunity to become the “teachers” for an evening. Little did we know what a tradition it would become at YCDS.

At the Expo, each class from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, teaches about the science lessons learned in their classrooms during the year. In first grade, visitors learn about air, plants, sound and light. They may experiment by dropping a parachute to see how it falls to the earth. In second grade, visitors can learn about building bridges, insects, and the life cycle of mealworms. The third graders have traditionally had live crayfish to share with the crowd. Not only could people learn about these interesting creatures, they could also pick one up, if they wished. In fourth grade, visitors learn about energy, the environment, and landforms.  All stations are manned by student scientists who are very eager to “show what they know” to the guests.

Fifth-grader Eli Steele is testing his science fair project. Visit him at the Show What You Know Expo to learn more about his experiment!

Our fifth-graders share their science fair projects with the guests. With help from fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Chrissa May, and other faculty members, the children work through the steps of deciding on a project, formulating a hypothesis, performing and documenting the experiment, constructing the science board, and giving a presentation of the results.

Topics include physical science, rockets, chemical reactions, and weather.  The fifth-grade scientists not only share their projects at the Show What You Know Expo, but they present during the day to the third– and fourth-graders, giving them a sneak peek into what they will experience in fifth grade.

We hope to see you at the Show What You Know Expo on Thursday, May 25 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Our excited, knowledgeable young teachers ready to teach you about all types of science!