Tips for Final Exam Prep

By Mrs. Molly Wertz, Dean of Students

It may be hard to believe, but the end of the school year is right around the corner. Beginning next week, grades 8-11 will be preparing for final exams. As students begin to prepare for exams, please look over the following study tips. It is important to think about the type of learner you are and adjust your study techniques to support this.

  • Begin the job with organization: gather all necessary class materials, notes, and old tests.
  • Are you visual? Try color coding your notes or drawing pictures to represent concepts.
  • Do you like to move when you learn? Get up out of your seat and off of your bed. Walk around your room and put your whole body into your studying.
  • Are you an auditory learner? Talk out loud to yourself about your notes; tape yourself and play it back.
  • Are you musical? Perhaps some Mozart or other instrumental music will help you concentrate.
  • Do you learn better in study groups? Alone? Meet with a study buddy or find a place to be by yourself.
  • Be aware of time: prioritize your subjects based on day of exam and your confidence in the course. Assign specific days and times that you will focus on each subject. Effective studying is more likely to happen if you dedicate time to study.
  • For those tasks that require memorization, use tricks: chunk the ideas, make up rhymes or songs, find personal connections.
  • Try to anticipate your teacher’s questions. On what areas have you spent the most concentrated focus?
  • Fight the temptation to check social media/your phone when studying. Put it out of sight and allow yourself to check it only once when you take hourly breaks.
  • Take active breaks. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air then return to studying.

Here are some additional studying tips.