The YCDS Greyhound Club Aims to Build School Spirit and Community

By: Ella Kelly ’20, Greyhound Club President

The Greyhound Club began second semester with the goal of giving our student community a greater hand in the development of positive culture and school spirit at YCDS.  The Greyhound Club began with 7 founding members and has quickly grown to 14.

The Greyhound Club has loved seeing everyone’s pep as the year draws to a close. The Greyhound Club also hopes that with student’s help, the final moments of school will bring even more smiles and friendly interactions.

So far this year, The Greyhound Club has made several school-wide events happen. When our varsity boy’s basketball team went to Districts, we wanted to raise school spirit and support the team. We gathered everyone for a pep rally and we watched the boys shoot some hoops, we watched them challenge of some younger students to do basketball tricks, and we even got to watch Flash do some funky dance moves along the way.


Additionally, The Greyhound Club organized an event in which all students, K-12, brought in a favorite childhood toy. Each upper school student got to share with his/her middle and lower school buddy about the toy and to learn about their buddy’s, too.  Then we all headed outside for a frozen treat in the beautiful weather.



We were also very excited to be able to celebrate the FLL Cyber Hounds, for making it into the FLL Open World Championship in Bath, England. In order to raise awareness for them, we set up a bulletin board in the Upper School hallway with pictures and quotes from the team members. Also, to support them, the club helped with an assembly for The Cyber Hounds as we are very excited for their opportunity to travel and represent the school.


In our halls you will see our “Caught Being Kind” display. Here, students can give shout-outs to classmates that they “catch” being kind. These colorful notes adorn the windows along the upstairs hall.


The Greyhound Club is excited to serve its community throughout the school year’s final days. They hope that their continued efforts will carry through into following years, creating traditions and memories of a diverse community brought together into shared moments.