New Additions, New Traditions

By Christine Heine, Head of School

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YCDS traditions are an important and revered part of the day-to-day experience for students.  From Opening Assembly to Commencement, students take part in many beloved and exciting activities that make our school culture so special. This year, YCDS has added enhancements to our facility and events to our program. Below is a sampling:

College T-Shirt Day.  The Class of 2018 is in the midst of fine-tuning their applications to a wide array of colleges and universities.  On the 18th of each month, the school community is invited to wear a t-shirt from the college of their choice to show support for our seniors as they await the outcome of their applications.  

International Day of Peace.  On Friday, September 22, YCDS will host our first all-school celebration for the International Day of Peace.  There are several activities planned for this day including an all-school session of yoga on the lawn, dedication of the Peace Pole Garden, and several other cross-graded activities throughout the day.

Diversity Day.  This year, YCDS has launched a Diversity and Inclusion program in coordination with our diversity mission statement.  Faculty mentors and student leaders are scheduled to attend workshops and training sessions and will work with students to host our Diversity Day celebration on March 14.

YCDS Word Wall.  Come walk through the 2nd floor main hall to discover the upper school/middle school lending library along with the new installation of YCDS words of pride.  

Peer Mediation Training. This fall, two faculty advisors and eight students will participate in an intensive three-day workshop to become leaders in peer mediation at YCDS.  Students will learn problem-solving techniques and practice early intervention methods to address conflicts collaboratively and respectfully.

Sometimes, little things make a big difference.  As you enter the building, you will discover the first installation of flags from around the world, the bike rack for two-wheeled commuters, and the new set of swings in our playground area.  A few years ago, I asked the Class of 2022 what they would like their legacy to be as leaders of the lower school.  Almost immediately, the class suggested that they would like to be known as a nice class and the class who was able to bring swings to the playground. Now, both of their wishes are realized.