Downtime is Priceless

By Mrs. Kristi Spies, French Teacher and Junior Class Co-advisor

The class of 2019 spent the day at Roundtop Resort last Friday for a day of team building, bonding, and fresh air.

Students participated in the low ropes course as a group team building activity.

As our students embark on the ever important Junior Year, we are mindful of the many new responsibilities and experiences they will encounter this school year. Many students began their first college courses at York College of Pennsylvania and they are preparing for the SAT, ACT, and other college entrance exams. They have started the college search process by visiting campuses and meeting with college representatives here at YCDS. They are holding mock interviews and gathering letters of recommendation from their teachers and mentors. A few have already passed their driver’s test and others are preparing to do so very soon. Our students are busy and do their best to perform well academically, partake in community service, build their college resumes, and participate in varsity level sports. In addition, these students participate in a multitude of extracurricular clubs, robotics teams, league sports, high level gymnastics, as well as their many other personal passions. It is an exciting time in their lives, but sometimes they just need to relax, unplug, and be kids!

The Cedar Maze challenged students’ communication skills and helped to build trust. One partner was blindfolded and had to rely on their classmate’s direction to complete the maze.

The day at Mountain Adventures was the perfect stress reliever. After belting out a few Taylor Swift songs on the bus, we arrived at the resort on a beautiful sunny morning. The students worked together to build trust by navigating the Cedar Maze, they took turns riding the Scenic Chairlift, and they spent time catching up with classmates. They tried zip lining, climbing low ropes courses, and squirting each other in the bumper boats. They gathered as a class to enjoy lunch around a roaring fire, and chatted about their summer adventures and hopes for the new school year. A few played rounds of cornhole while others opted to try the water slides and Ogo Balls. Did we mention the Ogo Balls were filled with 50 degree spring water? There were many squeals and shrieks as the Ogos bounced down the hillside and the students we unceremoniously dumped out of the giant ball onto the grass. Before they knew it, it was time to head home. It was an unforgettable day and fun was had by all!

Some students opted to try the Ogo Ball and waterslides.