York Country Day Faculty Embrace Pedagogical Prowess

By Mr. Matthew Trump, Dean of Faculty and Upper School Science Teacher

Every community member at York Country Day is engaged in perpetual learning. Whether the constituent is a student investigating Shakespeare or an athletic trainer exploring the latest in physiological peak performance, we all strive to remain current in our fields. Faculty embody the role of chief learner in their classes with respect to their course content. However, they also continually seek to improve their pedagogy (def. the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept). One of the primary practices YCDS faculty are using to address this metacognitive approach to their teaching is to have a fellow community member observe their teaching and engage in subsequent productive discourse. Country Day administrators have had training over the past two years regarding the latest in effective teacher observation strategies. By utilizing best practices, faculty and administration are connecting in fruitful conversations about pedagogy. It is through processes like this that our school is striving to have unparalleled effectiveness not only in our facilities but also in our program as we embark to embrace rigor and delight in the pursuit of learning.

Administrators tract faculty observations using a scheduling board that shows when observations occurred and who completed each observation.