Experiential Learning Enhances the YCDS Curriculum

Experiential learning is part of the York Country Day School curriculum that is celebrated in our community of learners. Some lessons are best brought to life when experienced outside of the classroom.

Our prekindergarteners see the seasons change as they visit the creek on York College’s campus throughout the year. These young scientists collect data on each visit and then compare these changes at the end of the year.

Fifth-graders witness the swearing in of the newest American citizens during the naturalization court’s ceremony. The culmination of our student’s study on immigration is celebrated by witnessing the very words they read in their textbooks.

Students connect what they see in the classroom to the outside world, extending their true understanding. When students can experience for themselves a piece of history,  a work of art, or an experiment in science, they are able to better comprehend. Field trips introduce experts in a specific area of study to our students, fueling a culture of curiosity.

Additionally, field trips are underwritten by the York Country Day School Fund. Such experiences are a necessary part of a Greyhound Education, and that is made possible by the generosity of our community.

So far this year, we have visited:


Lower School Trips

Grades 1-5 visit the Appell Performing Arts Center to see the York Symphony Orchestra perform
Grade 4 visits Nixon Park as a collaborative trip between science and art
Walkie Talkie
Kindergarten visits the Spring Garden Township Police Station as part of their study of community helpers
First grade visits the butterfly garden at Hershey Gardens as part of their butterfly unit
PreK visits the creek at YCP throughout the year to complete a study of how it changes over different seasons
nat court
Fifth grade attends and performs a song during at the York County Naturalization Court after their study of immigration

Middle and Upper School Trips

Class of 2019 takes a trip to Roundtop Mountain Resort for team building and class unity
The senior class attends the traditional Senior Class Retreat at Refreshing Mountain for class unity and planning for the year ahead
grade 8
The grade eight visits Genesee Valley for their annual team building retreat
Students in grade 9 bond during a caving expedition

Examples of a few upcoming trips:

  • Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Pullo Center for grades 6-12.
  • Columbia Scholastic Press Association Fall Conference for student publication editors at Columbia University.
  • New York University and Columbia University tours for students.