Lower School Implements New Digital Portfolios

By Miss Jennifer Lam

Ready, set, action! A student begins to create and act out their own word problem for their friend. Students had just finished learning the important vocabulary terms in word problems to create addition and subtraction problems. Using an iPad stationed in the classroom, their partner records the action-packed learning.

Students have been recording their learning experiences since the first week of school with the application Seesaw. This program was introduced this year and has been the key to the transition from paper student work portfolios to digital student portfolios.

Students use their digital portfolios to document their learning and growth in all subjects. Students can easily access their personal portfolios by scanning a classroom QR code and clicking their name, a walk in the park for these digital natives. Parents access their child’s portfolio via individual link or QR code and will receive push notifications each time their child adds to their portfolio.

caroline seesaw

Digital portfolios give teachers and students the opportunity to upload drawings, videos, pictures, and photographs. Audio clips and drawings can be added to images to explain the experiment, writing piece, or book they are reading. For example, students can take a picture of a graph and record audio and add drawings as they analyze data to demonstrate their graph reading skills.


My favorite feature as a teacher is the drawing tool. Handwriting is an important skill for kindergarteners, and with the drawing feature, my students have practiced writing their numbers to show their progress through the first quarter. I am excited for parents to watch how their students form their numbers and recite numbers as they write, a feature not available with paper portfolios. Parents are able to clearly see the process of their child’s learning and not just the final product.


Our students’ digital portfolios were shared with families recently, and I look forward to discussing student progress and hearing feedback from families at parent conferences later this week.