Alumni Preserve History at YCDS

By Mrs. Laura Burkey, Alumni Relations

The history of York Country Day School is a rich one filled with more than six decades of students, faculty, and headmasters. Founded in 1953, York Country Day School opened its doors in a house on Springettsbury Avenue. Two years later, the school moved to its permanent home on the parcel of land between Regents Glen Boulevard and Indian Rock Dam Road.

Through the years, YCDS has been preserved through a rich oral tradition, yearbooks, and photograph. These archives carry such importance. This year in particular, we focus our outreach on connecting with alumni, former students, and retired faculty. It is an honor to hear the stories from alumni, who hail from the 1960s to the 2000s. It’s true our Greyhound community carries a checkered past, and one that I don’t want to lose.


It’s said that we shape our future based on the past. Without our more than 900 alumni, today’s students would not be able to experience all that they do today. It’s your stories, your successes and your memories that preserve our school.


As I embark on the alumni listening tour, I look forward to meeting as many alums as I can. I want to hear your stories and your experiences. Come for a tour of the school. See the faculty. Meet the students. Share in the common York Country Day School experience.

Why did you attend YCDS? Tell me about your time here. What would you change or keep the same?


I also plan to hold gatherings in select cities around the country. Is there somewhere that you think Dr. Heine and I should visit? Would you be interested in joining our alumni listening tour? (I promise, it’s painless. Just ask the 20 alums with whom I’ve already chatted.) Feel free to contact me (Laura Burkey) at 717-815-6713 or

Help us honor the York Country Day School history.