Congratulations to our newest National Honor Society inductees

By Elizabeth Charleston, Faculty

NHSThe National Honor Society is one of the nation’s premier organizations established to recognize outstanding high school students. In 1921, the original founders wanted to motivate and positively influence students to maintain high standards. Their goals were “to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools” (the NHS Constitution).  The founders wanted to not just showcase the accomplishments of the students but also encourage their growth as active citizens in their communities.

The National Honor Society was brought to York Country Day School many years ago by longtime history teacher, Paul Parker.  Mr. Parker always took great pride in inducting new members into the Honor Society because he believed so strongly in the four personal qualities that are the cornerstones of the National Honor Society. In 2007, York Country Day elevated the National Honor Society induction from a simple recognition at graduation to a traditional ceremony in order to better highlight and celebrate the successes of our students. The ceremony features a keynote speaker and several student speakers. Current members assist in every part of the ceremony and pass the “flaming torch” on to the new members. The torch is symbolic of the search for truth, which perfectly aligns with our school motto, Veritas.

This year, we inducted 21 new members into the York Country Day School chapter of the National Honor Society. Students first become eligible for membership in the National Honor Society at the midpoint of the 10th grade. They must maintain a 3.25 grade point average or higher for a minimum of three full academic semesters and satisfy their service hour requirements. All newly inducted members of the National Honor Society have been selected based on good character, academic ability, leadership skills, and service to their community.

The newly inducted students are:

  • Addison Wand, ‘18
  • Xu Yuxuan (Yuki),18’
  • Fan Yile (Lisa), ‘19
  • Huang Shenping (Wesley), ‘19
  • Kong Yuetong (Connie), ‘19
  • Sara Lamb, ‘19
  • Tess Murphy, ‘19
  • Benja Tatafasa, ‘19
  • Ethan Yerg, ‘19
  • Nicholas Edris, ‘20
  • Madeline Hair, ‘20
  • John Huang, ‘20
  • Juliet Jacob, ‘20
  • Li Yujie (Jessie), ‘20
  • Amelia Macek, ‘20
  • Mitchell Macek, ‘20
  • Abigail Miller, ‘20
  • Kaylee Mustard, ‘20
  • Roth Woolley, ‘20
  • Yang Shuangge (John), ‘20
  • Brett Zumbrun, ‘20

DSC_6015This year, alumna Emily Stover, Class of 2009, encouraged our students in their pursuit of excellence as our keynote speaker. She was inducted to the National Honor Society in 2007 as a sophomore, which was particularly special for her in that both her older sister, Melanie, ‘07, and her mother, Marsha Everton, were both esteemed speakers at this inaugural ceremony. Emily graduated from York Country Day School as valedictorian and received the esteemed Class of 1957 Award. After YCDS, Emily graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Virginia in 2013 with a B.A. in Anthropology, and she received High Distinction for her independent thesis project. Currently, Emily is an associate with the Washington, DC-based nonprofit, Hope Street Group, where she supports the management of the Wal-Mart Foundation’s Retail Opportunity Network, a collection of more than 50 organizations working to make it easier for frontline retail workers to advance in their careers. Prior to joining Hope Street Group, Emily participated in Macy’s Senior Leadership Development Program, gaining more than four years of retail experience as a jewelry business manager while leading various store teams within the Northern Virginia market. Emily lives in Arlington, Va., and enjoys volunteering at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History while she prepares to enter graduate school.\

Emily’s accomplishments are indicative of even greater future successes, similar to the futures of the newest inductees. Guiding my students on the sometimes meandering path of life, achieving whatever their goals might be, is what fulfills me as their teacher and mentor. What a joy it is to see my students return to YCDS as successful and confident college graduates and active citizens in their community! I am pleased that we can showcase some of our distinguished alumni as keynote speakers for the induction ceremonies. We welcome your alumni stories and feedback by contacting Laura Burkey or Elizabeth Charleston.