The art of writing

By Harrison Zumbrun, Class of 2018

I came to YCDS starting off middle school in sixth grade. I was barely able to write, and my public-school teachers did not care to help me improve my writing. I remember meeting Mrs. Wertz, my future English teacher, and speaking to her about The Hunger Games of which I had done an analysis.  I had no idea that past this moment I would actually learn how to write properly. I went to my first middle school classes, and I was amazed that teachers actually cared to help out my classmates and me. They made sure we understood the topics and encouraged class discussions allowing us to grow and learn from each other. I had not been able to gain this experience when I was at public school.

Now, as a senior, I have grown much closer to the teachers that have made a difference in my life. I speak with them outside of class about something related to what we learned in class or some new discovery. We have intellectual discussions that not only show what I have learned from their classes, but also show me the application for what I am learning and this gives me a deeper appreciation for the justice they have done for all of my class. As I move on to Lafayette, I will miss my experiences with the teachers at YCDS the most.  Without his close connection to the teachers, I do not think I would have grown nearly as much. I picked Lafayette because of the ability to get to know the professors and to have the same small class sizes that let me not only learn but immerse myself into the academic programs. Thinking about college, however, has made me excited for these new experiences but sad to leave behind the place that paved the way to my future.

Although through online chats I have made new friends with whom I can hang around at Lafayette, it will be odd to be away from my class. My class has 18 students total and though some have come and gone, the majority of us are still here from middle school. It will be odd not seeing the friends I have grown so close to over the years, and even with all of our ups and downs as a class we still stuck together. These relationships did not form on our own. With class discussions we grew close to one another and not only learned the course objectives, but we learned about each other. I will miss all my classmates and the teachers who helped create who I am today.  I can never thank them enough for it.