Red vs. Grey: Color Day

By Jake Doll, Director of College Counseling

Dating to the 1960s, Color Day started as a senior vs. faculty softball game in May of each year, culminating on the last day of school for seniors. The graduating class then spent the subsequent weeks completing their senior projects to be presented during the last week of school before commencement.  This practice is still part of senior year expectations, and the class of 2018 is currently away from school managing their senior projects.

Around 2007, the Upper School Student Council successfully lobbied to turn the event into more of a carnival and field day, featuring games and competitions managed by the student council. The responsibility morphed into more of a faculty-run event, until the Student Council officially took over in 2012.  Ultimately, it has become a day for team red and team grey to go head-to-head on friendly competitions, leading to one of those teams winning that year’s bragging rights.


For the past six years I, with the help of Mr. Scott Gyenes and other faculty, have coordinated with the Student Council to plan the various day’s events.  What events?  Think “Battle Ball,” “Minute-To-Win-It style cup games,” “Tug of War,” “Battle Bots,” “EGames,” and many more competitions that pit grey against red.  This year, a Color Council was created including middle and upper school students who wished to contribute their ideas toward improving and managing this wonderful tradition.


This year’s winning team was GREY.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  The Red team had a lead through most of the day.  A few later competitions allowed the Grey team to pull close going into the final bout.  That last match-up was a tug-of-war between grey and red seniors, to determine the winner for the day.  It was thrilling and exciting all day long.  That last bout, allowing seniors to show their “stuff” for the final time, brought it home for the Grey.


To top off the fun, Chef Phil offered a fun and flavorful “cookout” style meal with all the fixings you might find at a backyard bar-b-q.  This year, we welcomed the 3rd grade students to judge the Red/Grey cheering competition, and the incorporation of “Clash Royale” (an EGame played by students from each team, head-to-head) made for an incredible and exciting time for players and spectators.

Bottom line, it is a long-standing tradition that students go all-out for each year.  Beyond the competitions, it is a day for students and faculty to have a fun day together and cap off the year for seniors.  Stay tuned on Friday, May 17, 2019, to see if Grey holds onto their title, or if Red breaks the Grey team’s two year streak!