Transform the world one deed at a time

Scott Gyenes, Upper School Faculty and Service Learning Coordinator Howard Zinn once wrote, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” On Friday, May 11, the York Country Day School community participated in the annual Day of Service to help transform the greater York community. Our Middle and Upper School students visited … Continue reading Transform the world one deed at a time

Musical Instrument Design

By Mrs. Debbie Donovan, Director of Music Last spring, middle school teachers met to discuss ways to provide a greater variety of electives for our middle school students.  Our goals were to encourage thinking across the curriculum, increase collaboration among departments, and provide additional opportunities for STEAM projects. As a result, YCDS middle school students … Continue reading Musical Instrument Design

The YCDS Greyhound 5K

By Laura Burkey, Director of Development The inaugural York Country Day School Greyhound 5K kicked off May 5 with sunshine in the sky and excitement on the ground. The YWCA Temple Guard Drill Team raised the bar with an uplifting and invigorating performance under the tutelage of Mike Smith. At 8:30 a.m., Flash's Fun Run … Continue reading The YCDS Greyhound 5K

The art of writing

By Harrison Zumbrun, Class of 2018 I came to YCDS starting off middle school in sixth grade. I was barely able to write, and my public-school teachers did not care to help me improve my writing. I remember meeting Mrs. Wertz, my future English teacher, and speaking to her about The Hunger Games of which … Continue reading The art of writing

Congratulations to our newest National Honor Society inductees

By Elizabeth Charleston, Faculty The National Honor Society is one of the nation's premier organizations established to recognize outstanding high school students. In 1921, the original founders wanted to motivate and positively influence students to maintain high standards. Their goals were “to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote … Continue reading Congratulations to our newest National Honor Society inductees

Decisions Decisions …

By Jake Doll, Director of College Counseling May 1st is soon upon us.  In the college counseling office that means celebrating successes and helping students with that final push toward choosing their best fit college or university.  In my experience, where most seniors are right now rarely fits the forecast they had in mind during this … Continue reading Decisions Decisions …