A Successful Design and an Important Lesson

Written by: Mrs. Chrissa May Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a robot hand that has never lost a game of rock-paper-scissors. Thanks to a high-speed camera, the robot can detect within one millisecond which shape the human hand is making and then produces the corresponding winning shape. Fortunately, the fifth graders at … Continue reading A Successful Design and an Important Lesson


YCDS Abroad: International Student Recruitment

Written by: Mrs. Hannah Holliway As I return from my third trip to China, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on our international student recruitment initiative as a school and as an admissions office. When I think of our international students like Kilian from Bavaria, Germany, or Gary from Beijing, China, or … Continue reading YCDS Abroad: International Student Recruitment

YCDS Art Students participate in YCASE

Written by: Ms. Michelle Statella Students in Studio Art classes have worked very hard to complete and revise work for inclusion in the first annual York Community Art Scholars Exhibition that was on display in downtown York. York College's Center for Community Engagement and the Division of Art hosted the exhibit that featured work from nine area local high schools. YCDS is … Continue reading YCDS Art Students participate in YCASE

Two Students Recognized by the Rotary Club of York

Ella White '18 and Abraham Miller '18 were recognized as the Rotary Club of York's Students of the Month in September. Each student gave a speech to the club's membership about transformative moments and experiences in their lives. Below are the transcripts of their speeches: Ella White I came to York in the summer of … Continue reading Two Students Recognized by the Rotary Club of York

Kindness, Safety, and Social Media

Written by: Mrs. Michelle Odell It’s a strange title. My experience in education hasn’t let me to believe that kindness and safety are words associated with many social media interactions. People often say things on social media they would never say to a person’s face. The perceived anonymity makes them bold and erases the thoughtful … Continue reading Kindness, Safety, and Social Media