Spanish Culture Night at YCDS

(Scroll down for the English translation) Noche de cultura Por la Sra. Katie Ritter Torres La Noche de Cultura de la secundiaria y la preparatoria de YCDS viene en buen momento, justo después del Mes de Herencia Hispana y justo antes del Día de los Muertos. Es la primera vez que hacemos un evento así, … Continue reading Spanish Culture Night at YCDS


Two Students Recognized by the Rotary Club of York

Ella White '18 and Abraham Miller '18 were recognized as the Rotary Club of York's Students of the Month in September. Each student gave a speech to the club's membership about transformative moments and experiences in their lives. Below are the transcripts of their speeches: Ella White I came to York in the summer of … Continue reading Two Students Recognized by the Rotary Club of York

Kindness, Safety, and Social Media

Written by: Mrs. Michelle Odell It’s a strange title. My experience in education hasn’t let me to believe that kindness and safety are words associated with many social media interactions. People often say things on social media they would never say to a person’s face. The perceived anonymity makes them bold and erases the thoughtful … Continue reading Kindness, Safety, and Social Media

Lower School Faculty Dive Deeper into the Responsive Classroom Model

Written by: Ms. Jamie McKim Imagine being part of a classroom where how you learn is just as important as what you learn. Where actually “doing” the learning is part of your everyday experience. Well, I do not have to imagine this, as our students live this everyday. This year, I have the honor and … Continue reading Lower School Faculty Dive Deeper into the Responsive Classroom Model

Bringing Restorative Justice to YCDS

Written by: Mr. Asa Church Pause and think about the U.S. judicial system. Are there any ways in which it could be improved? You can probably think of at least a few. And you’re not alone. Proponents of Restorative Justice have been exploring alternative ways to approach crime and punishment for some time now. Inspired … Continue reading Bringing Restorative Justice to YCDS

YCDS Construction Made Possible by Many

The construction at YCDS may have been hard to miss, however, what many do not know is how many people made it possible. It is no secret that LSC Design was the mastermind behind the plans and that Kinsley Construction was the primary construction company, but nearly 30 subcontractors helped to make it all possible. Here are … Continue reading YCDS Construction Made Possible by Many